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Muff on the move travel wipes (Pack of 10)

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Whether you're going uptown, downtown or currently stuck in lockdown, our 6 pack pouch is conveniently packaged in a statement making, re-usable zip pouch. Toss one  in your purse, gym bag or glove box. Exceptionally gentle, our Fresh wipes may be used as an essential part of your daily muff maintenance.

On-the-Go Feminine Wipes

Cooling, calming, and convenient - this is comfort you can carry

What: Plant based, pH balanced feminine wipes designed to provide instant relief, and effectively freshen down there, no matter where you are.

  • Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable rayon paper
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Freshness in one quick swipe

Why: On your period? Just finished exercising? Feeling irritated down there? Don’t have time for a shower? No problem! Our I Love My Muff Fresh Wipes will do in a pinch. Individually packaged for maximum convenience.

Who: Specially formulated to be effective yet gentle on sensitive skin so it’s suitable for every body.

How: Open package, unfold, and wipe from front to back to cleanse and freshen up anytime, anywhere. Use as needed throughout the day.

Hot Tip: Our wipes are great to use all over, so next time you go to the bar or barre, camping or travelling, make sure to bring the wipes along in case you need to skip a shower!

For external use only.