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Daily care for down there. Natural feminine hygiene products. The vagina has its own environment and is self-cleaning however, your vulva and vagina are not the same thing. Your vulva is on the outside of your reproductive area and the vulva does not have self-cleaning capabilities. Water is a good cleanser but if you choose to use all-natural products to help provide extra daily love and care for down there, I Love My Muff has you covered from front to back.

These products have no parabens, no synthetic color & fragrance, cruelty free & soy & gluten free and vegan.

Fresh Wipes pk of 25
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Muff on the move travel wipes (Pack of 10)
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Green Care Muff Kit- Citris $30.40 $38.00
Blue Care Muff Kit - Lavender $30.40 $38.00